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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Durga Temple - Varanasi

The Durga Temple is located in Ramnagar, Banaras ( - or Varanasi), Uttar Pradesh, India. It is said that This Durga Mandir was constructed before 500 years but currently it is under control of a regal family of Banaras. This Durga Mandir is devoted to Goddess Durga-the powerful deity of Hinduism.

The Durga Mandir is built with a very large stone and a beautiful pond which raises the beauty of the temple is there. The temple of Goddess Durga boasts of its excellent work with fine stone. The work art of this temple is reputed as tremendous example of “North Indian Stone work arts”.

The Durga Mandir is based on the square form, square stage including the square campus. The temple has stage which contains some rooms where the “Yogas” are performed and sometimes it also used the staff. There are lots of green plants and trees which raise the atmosphere of the temple very cool. There is a place where visitors can walk in the campus of the building.

Temple Structure

The temple is based on square shape. It has a square campus. The main building of temple is built of a square shaped stage. The shape of building is also square. The stage of the temple contains rooms in it, which are used for temple's staff purposes and sometimes, for Yagya.

The campus is a green campus with trees and plants. Visitor can walk around the main temple building in the campus. It's useful since, some worshippers walk around the building of temples for religious reasons in Hinduism.

The temple has a huge square pond in front of it. The pond is with stone stairs in all sides and four watch pillars on each corner. There is a shade made of stone also at one side of the pond.

The stone work on the walls of temple building also emphasizes the square shape. The temple wall has designs built in square shaped blocks and ornamental scrawls.

Durga Mandir in Varanasi Photo

Durga Mandir in Varanasi Wallpaper

Durga Mandir wall in Varanasi Photo

Durga Mandir in Varanasi Image

Durga Temple in Varanasi Picture