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Monday, July 7, 2008

Maa Mahakalika Temple

Maa Mahakalika Temple, it is the largest tourist and pilgrimage centres in the dynamic state of Gujarat which is get attraction to the ocean at tourists and a pilgrimage every year and tops the list of educational institutions’ excursion programmes.

It is located from the city of Baroda, at a distance of 45 Kms. The very old town of Pawagadh which is located. The entire area in so many forest land and beautiful picturesque.
Goddess Mahakalika has even fulfilling wishes of millions of devotees at same years.

Mata Kali Temples

Mahakali Temples

Mahakali Mataji Temples

Maa Mahakali Temples

Mahakali Mataji Temples

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Jeniffer said...

Its very very beautiful place. This place only will create devotion in you. Thanks for sharing unique photos with us as I was looking for such photos only. I hope you will carry on doing such great social work and server the devotees of Maa.
Fan of parrot ck3100