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Friday, July 18, 2008

Tiruchendur Temple India

The Tiruchendur Temple India

The Tiruchendur Temple is famous seashore temple of lord Subrahmanya. It is located in the Triunchendur taluk of the TiruneIveli region. The space from the Madras is regarding 443 miles. The temple on the beach of the bay of Mannar. The rolling cold tides of the ocean wash the base of the shrine. Present is no extra additional in Tamil Nadu with such a attractive normal location. The sound of Mannar is tolerable and is protected for ocean wash.

Facing toward inside the temple pilgrims moreover it clean their feet or receive a wash in the sea. The swim which contain nine teerthams which is supposed to the sthalapuranam. A soak in any of these teethams which is understand to present the advantage on adevotee. It is supposed that previously when Brahma misplaced one of his five heads outstanding to the rage of Shiva, he came to this teertha, took a divine, took a sacred which is wash in it and had his head restored. Equally one Angasundari, a Pandyan princess natural through the features was a sacred with a beautiful features after a bath at Vathararamba Teetham.

Subrahmanya Temple Wallpaper

Temple phot of Subrahmanya God

Picture of Subrahmanya Temple India

Photo of Subrahmanya Temples India

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