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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ajanta Caves

Ajanta is the world’s maximum historical monument accepted by UNESCO far near from Jalgaon city of Maharashtra, India. Present are 30 caves in Ajanta of which 9, 10, 19, 26, and 29 are chaitya – grihas and the rest are monasteries. These caves were exposed in AD 1819 and were building up in the former 2nd century BC – AD. Mostly of the paintings in Ajanta are truthful from 2nd century BC – AD and several of them about the fifth century AD and continued for the next two centuries. Every Painting show serious spiritual power and centre around Buddha, Bodhisattvas, event from the life of Buddha and the Jatakas. The picture is performing on a ground of mud-plaster in the tempera method.

Ajanta Caves Wallpapers

Ajanta Caves Wallpaper

Ajanta Caves Snaps

Ajanta Caves Snap

Ajanta Caves Pictures

Ajanta Caves Picture

Ajanta Caves Photos

Ajanta Caves Photo

Ajanta Caves Images

Ajanta Caves Image

Ajanta Caves

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