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Friday, July 16, 2010

Ranchhodraiji Dakor - Ahmedabad

Ranchhodraiji Temple is located in Dakor, Kheda-district of Gujarat. In past Dakor was not a big village, but as time gone it has grown into a main commercial center. The shrine of the original Ranchhodraiji Temple has been enclosed in a vast complex now.

The famous Dakor temple was built by Shri Gopalrao Jagannath Tambwekar in 1772 A.D. The construction of this temple is quite different. The temple has walls from bricks and pillars from stones with cost of one lakh rupees. The shape of the complex is square and has 4 gates on the outer walls, located significantly.

The main door of the temple faces the “Gomati River" of India. Apart from this door, there are three additional doors which show the way to the main shrine. The door which faces the Lord Ranchhodraiji opens in front of a viewer’s hall. The followers spend a lot of time with the Lord Ranchhodraiji here. The main door of Ranchhodraiji remains open the whole time in a day, except for the afternoon time. It is supposed that Lord sleeps and takes rest in between this period so a bedchamber is connected with the main chamber of the temple.

The bed of the Lord is richly adorned with aromatic garlands, blankets, soft mattress, gold and silver bedsteads in silk and soft cotton. The deity of Lord Ranchhodraiji is regarded as the signs of Lord Krishna.

An interesting story which covered in epic Mahabharata is hidden behind the Lord' name and the Ranchhodraiji Temple is that as per Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna ran away from the battlefield during a battle with a friend of Jarasand and since that time he has become popular and known as Ranchhodraiji. In contrast to this Ranchhodraiji Temple was constituted here as an effect of the Lord's kindness for his devotees.

In olden times, a devotee of Lord Krishna- Bholanath traveled from Dakor to Dwarka to worship him. The Lord observed this and was overwhelmed by his loyalty and devotion and decided to shift to Dakor to save his devotee from the difficulty in traveling so far. This way, He attended Bholanath to Dakor.

It is said and fact that the idol at Ranchhodraiji Temple is initially from Dwarka which has made the deity an all time beloved of the devotees here. A big fair is held at Dakor every year on Sharad Purnima-full moon day in winters.

lord Ranchhodraiji Maharaj Photo

Ranchhodraiji Temple in Gujarat Wallpaper

God Ranchhodraiji Image

God Ranchhodraiji Picture

Dakor Ranchhodraji Temple Picture

Ranchhodraiji Temple Near by Gomati River

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