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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Varada Vinayaka - Malad

Varada Vinayaka is the one of the temple from Ashtavinaya, and fourth temple during the visit of Ashtavinaya located at the Malad, Mumbai that region was also known as Madhak or Bhadrak in ancient times. It is just 3 km off the Mumbai Pune highway near Khapoli. This temple was built in the 17th century.

It is said that Lord Ganesh who is in a form of Varada Vinayaka in this temple, fulfills all wishes and give the propitious blessings. In this temple a nandadeep has been well-lighted continuously since 1892.

Legend was related with Sage Vachaknavi and his wife Mukunda. Once King Rukmangada visited their place and saint’s wife attracted to him but the king got angry and left the place. Lord Indra saw this and took a chance and went their in disguise of that king and Mukunda accepted her amative turn. Grutshamadha was the illegitimate child of their union. When he came to know this story, he prayed for Lord Ganesha and requested to forgive the all sins. Then Lord Ganesha granted Grutshamadha’s wish in a form of Varada Vinayaka.

Varada Vinayaka is very sacred place and must visit to fulfill our remaining wishes as Lord Ganesha is very kind and gives the bright blessing to all.

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Varada Vinayaka Idol Photo

Main Sanctum Varada Vinayaka Temple

Visitor at Varada Vinayaka Picture

Varada Vinayaka Temple Wallpaper

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