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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bhitargaon Temple - Kanpur

The Bhitargaon Temple is located in the Bhitargaon town, Kanpur district, Uttar Pradesh, India. Bhitargaon Temple was built sway of Gupta, during the period of 6th century. The temple is looked like a terraced brick structure fronted with a terracotta panel.

Bhitargaon temple is said to be the oldest left over temple in Hindu holy place having roof and a high Sikhara. But in 18th century the upper chamber did get some spoil.

The structure of the building has been made with terracotta and bricks. The size of the brick is 18"*9"*3".

The other some striking features are following:

The total height from ground to top is 68.25 feet.

The temple is constructed on the platform which size is 36 feet*47 feet.

1] The thickness of the wall is 8 feet.

2] The sanctum is dual story.

3] The sanctum is 15 feet * 15 feet internally

4] Moreover, no window is there.

5] The first story of sanctum felled in 1850.

6] In 1894, Shikara is a stepped pyramid and was damaged due to thunder. The terracotta statue represents both religious and secular theme such as deities like “Ganesha adi virah mahisasaurmardani” and also “river goddess”. According to stories and Myths, it represents both penance of nara - naryan and abduction of goddess sita.

7] In all over India, it is the first place where domed arch has been used.

Bhitargaon Temple Photo

Bhitargaon Temple in Kanpur

Bhitargaon Temple Picture

Bhitargaon Temple Wallpaper

Bhitargaon Temple Image


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