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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ajit Nath Temple - Mehsana

Ajit Nath Temple is the sacred place of Jainism, nestled in the hills of Taranga and situated 56 kms far from Mehsana. This temple dedicated to Ajitnath, the 22nd Tirthankara of Jains.

The visitors must visit the place as it is one of the most beautiful places. The height of the hill is only 365 meters (1200 ft) but due to their climate and panoramic views, they propose a noticeable change from the nearby area.

It is believed that 12th century Ajit Nath Temple was built by the King Kumarpal. Ajit Nath Temple also humbles the tourists by its grandness. It includes ambulatory, Garbhagriha and three balconied window filled with fine grills.

Ajit Nath Temple emphasizes on its vast pillars, softened by the beautiful monument over them. The octagonal nave ceiling is topped and decorated by beautiful carvings with 11mts in diameter. The porches on the surface are huge and spacious with equally remarkable columns. The temple has kept in its actual form and designed as a storeyed arrangement not only inside but also outside.

The upper floor is hidden away from the outlook and one can access only through a ladder which is very uncomfortable. It is consequently considered an undisclosed floor. One more thing is that wooden bars are used to hold up extensively separated walls.

Ajit Nath God Picture

Ajit Nath Temple Photo

Ajit Nath Temple in Mehsana

God Ajit Nath Wallpaper

Ajit Nath Temple

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