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Monday, July 19, 2010

Someshwara Temple - Veraval

Someshwara Temple is located close to the Veraval town in Western part of Gujarat, India. Veraval is reached from Rajkot. Someshwara is the temple of lord Somanth-Shiva. An interesting story is linked with the emergence of this Jyotirlinga, described in the Shiva Puran.

The temple is devoted to Someshwara, the God Shiva-with moon on his head.
In its exterior design the Somnath temple contrasts well with the temple of Rudramala at Siddhapur. It is more or less of the same size in length. The dome of the temple however is as large as any other built in this time of period.

The temple faces to east and once had a tremendous central hall having three other entrances and each protected by a eminent porch. The fragments give some idea of the sculpture decorating the temple and lie scattered at a short distance from the site.

The richly carved and sculptured doors represent Nandi-Sivas bull and the figures of goddesses. Their female attendants must once have presented a grand ensemble of great beauty. There is a damaged form of Nataraja, the dancing Shiva in the recesses of the balconied corridor. Although basically a Brahmanical temple, the influence of Jain architecture is clearly evident.

Someshwara Temple Photo

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