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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ballaleshwar Pali - Mumbai

Ballaleshwar Pali temple very famous temple in Mumbai and is one of the eight temples of Lord Ganesha, Ashtavinayak. Pali's Ballaleshwar is the only vinayak who is well-known by his devotee's name, Among Astavinayakas. It is situated in village named Pali which is only at distance of 30 km far from Karjat in Sudhagad taluka of Raigad district. It is located between fort Sarasgad and the river Amba.

Lord Ganesh is the main and first deity who is to be worshipped first among all deity. It is said that Lord Ganesh removes all pains and hurdles and spread the good wishes and happiness in life. Lord Ganesh is believed as the God of intelligence and art.

Since ancient times, there are various places of Lord Ganesh for worship in all over the world. But the famous Ashta-Vinayaka temple is very famous and people in flock rush here to get blessings of happiness and contented whole life.

Ballaleshwar Pali temple can be easy to visit anytime expect rainy season.

Lord Ballaleshwar Pali God Photo

Ballaleshwar Pali Temple Wallpaper

Going to The Shrine Ballaleshwar Pali Temple

Ballaleshwar Pali Photo

Ballaleshwar Pali Temple Picture

Shree Ballaleshwar Pali God Photo

Ballaleshwar Pali Temple in Mumbai

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