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Friday, July 23, 2010

Bhuleshwar Temple – Pune

Bhuleshwar is famous Temple of Lord Shiva, located approximately 55 kms from Pune, Maharastra. This temple perched on a hill and was built almost in the 13th century.

Bhuleshwar has a not only historical but also mythological significance. It is said that Devi Parvati danced to praise Lord Shiva and then they went to Kailash from here and got married. People flock here during Mahashivratri. During winter, Tawny Eagles migrate here from Pakistan and Indian Himalayan areas in Himalayas but summer spend in Maharashtra.

It is belived that if you put an Indian sweet below the shivling in this temple and if it disappeared then your wish will be granted but no matter in how much quantity it disappeared.

Devoted to Lord Shiva, the temple was originally built to serve as a fort called “Mangalgadh”. However, it was later changed into a Lord Shiva temple. Right from its entrance, the walls of the Bhuleshwar temple stand adorned with intricate but beautiful carvings.

Bhuleshwar Temple is a place significance to visit and spend a day.

Bhuleshwar Temple

Bhuleshwar Temple Picture

Bhuleshwar Temple Photo

Bhuleshwar Temple Wallpaper

Bhuleshwar Temple in Pune

Bhuleshwar Temple Image

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