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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kopineshwar Temple - Thane

Kopineshwar Mandir, dedicated to “Mahadev” is one of the oldest and idolized temples in Thane, Maharastra. In the era of 1760, this temple was established by Sarsubhedar Ramaji Mahadeo Bivalkar and renewed by younger brother of Peshwa Thorle Bajirao, Chimaji Appa.

This temple is placed exactly to the east side of the public garden which was named as “Mahatma Gandhi” and after that it was led and handled by Municipal committee. It is said that this garden have been built in the admiration of “Kopineshwar” as it was found under the water.

The height of the shrine is about 5 feet. The other six small shrines in the premises of this temple, devoted to Brahmadev but at the presently famed as Panchmukhi Mahadeo, Maruti, Rama, Shitladevi, Kalikadevi and Uttareshwar.

Kopineshwar Temple is the evidence of advanced architecture. The surrounding of this temple is so peaceful for the mediation. Devotees, who come for tip to Thane, must not forget to visit this revered place.

Shivling Kopineshwar Temple Photo

Bhavani Mata Temple at Kopineshwar Temple

Kopineshwar Temple in Thane

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