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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kaleshwar Temple - Nerur

The Kaleshwar Temple which is so ancient located in Nerur, Sindhudurg Dist, Maharashtra India is devoted to the Lord Shri Kaleshwar, an embodiment (avatar) of the God Shiva.

The temple was constituted in the duration of 1500BC. Beside the temple of Kaleshwar, there is a temple of “Devi Sateri” means Snake Goddess.

An interesting story behind this temple let us remember the period of 700-800 years old. Brahmin lived nearby the village with his cow that always used to deport the milk at the exacting place. This happening made him confused and to come out from that condition and to know about the fact, he excavated that spot where he found a “Shivling”. Then a unique shrine was established there with performing the essential ceremonies.

The ‘Shivling’ emerged in the holy place of the temple. The “Shivaling” is placed on the platform which is in square shape, also called as “Shalunka”. The both image of Shivling and Shalunka are in different piece and black in color. On mystery about the platform of “Shivaling”- the water that is offered to Shivaling does not gather there. The premises outside the temple are tremendous. A carved idol of Lord Ganesh of stone is also there at one end and at the other end, Karkotak Nag’s (Nagdevta) image. The image of Nandi welcomes the pilgrims in the entrance.

Mahashivratri is the great and huge festival in whole konkan and that has been celebrated here with main concern. People of all divisions; stay present at this festival with the same faith. The other main festival of “Ganesh Jayanti” is also celebrated here in the premises of temple, during the Magh month- famous as “Maghi Ganesh Utsav”. Navratri festival is also included for celebration here with the same trend. All kind of people come here to visit the temple.

Kaleshwar Temple Photo

kaleshwar Temple Shivalig

Kaleshwar Temple in Nerur Wallpaper

kaleshwar Temple Bells


eBloggers said...

The snaps, which are appearing do not belong to Kaleshwar Temple, which is located at Nerur in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Its our family deity, and the actual snaps taken from time to time are available with me. Pls. contact, in case you wish to update/ correct the said matter.

Ganesh said...

Yes! The snaps you have posted is not of Lord Kaleshwar Temple of Nerur. It's our village deity. If you want actual temple snaps then you can mail me at