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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kalaram Temple - Nashik

The Kalaram temple is located in the Panchavati, city of Nasik, in Maharastra, India. This temple is the dwelling place of Lord Rama and considered as a sacred place of Hindu. This shrine is very famous and significant for Hindus.

The temple’s name is derived from the idol of lord Ram that is in black colored. The actual translation of “Kalaram” is meant as “black Rama”. The Kalaram Mandir is simplest but largest temple was built in 1790 by Sardar Odhekar of Peshwa.

The holy place includes the abode of the idol of goddess Sita, God Lakshmana and also nearby “Sita gumpha”. It is said that during the time of her exile, she had stayed at this place. The temple formed a polar role in “Dalit” movement in India. A protest was once held outside this temple by the well-known Dr. Ambedkar for allowance of the all Dalits into the temple.

The idol of Lord Hanuman in black color faces the main entrance. Another interesting thing is, an old tree having the footprint impressions of “Lord Dattatreya” was marked on a stone. There is no counting of the pilgrims who come here daily to visit because people come here in flock. Pilgrims also prefer to the temple of Kapaleshwar Mahadev as it is near to Kalaram temple. The grand processions and some special Utsav and fairs are held on festivals like Dasara, Ramnavami and Chaitra Padwa (New year day of Hindu).

Lord Rama Lakshmana & Goddess Sita Statue

Beauty Full Kalaram Temple

Kalaram Temple in Maharashtra

Kalaram Temple at Visitor

Kalaram Temple God Ram

Kalaram Temple in Nashik

Kalaram Temple is Lord Rama Temple

Kala Ram Temple Photo

Kalaram Temple Picture

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