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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ambernath Shiva Temple

The Shiv Mandir, Ambarnath, also popular as “Ambreshwar Shiva Temple” that is on the bank of Vadavan (Waldhuni) river and is located just 2 km away from railway station of Ambarnath, Maharastra, India.

The Shiva Mandir is beautifully carved on stones in Hemadpanthi style.

It is said that the Ambernath Temple was built by Shilahara king Chittaraja and was reconstructed by his son Mummuni. But as according to some people that was established in just one night by Pandava (Five brothers) in a giant mass of stone but it is not proved or supported according to official records.

Ambernath Shiva Temple has just 20 steps to go down in “Gabhara” i.e. main room where one Shivaling is there in the center. A huge fair is organized on the occasion of “Mahashivratri” and to get the blessings of Lord Shiva, numerous people come here.

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Ambernath Shiva Temple Photo

Ambernath Temple Wallpaper

Ambernath Shiva Temple in Maharashtra

Ambernath Shiva Temple Picture

Ambernath Shiva Temple at Visitor

Ambernath Shiva Temple Image

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