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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Satpuda Manudevi Temple - Jalgaon

Manudevi Temple is situated near the village of Adgaon, in the district of Yawal, Jalgaon. The temple’s beauty is expanded due to natural atmosphere of the Satpuda Hills. The Deity in the Temple of Manudevi is the kuldevi of mostly 70% folk in the district of Jalgaon.

There is a gracious waterfall with breathless view in front of the temple and moreover temple is encircled by hills on three sides. At very short distance from this temple, a beautiful lake has been established and a nice Temple of Hanuman is also next. This place is considered as a good Picnic spot therefore collegian and children prefer to visit Manudevi Temple often.

The devotees who have desire to become parents of a boy or girl, can get the blessings of deity Manudevi for that. And the prayer for that is.

“O Goddess Manudevi! You are the ultimate Goddess. We are here as devotees (bhaktas) who do prayer (pooja archana). We request you devotedly. Please grant our all desire.”

Manudevi temple is really very attractive place to visit once.

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Satpuda Manudevi Temple Idol Photo

Satpuda Niwasini Shree Manudevi Temple in Jalgaon

Satpuda Manudevi Temple

Manudevi Temple Routes Photo

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