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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mandher Devi Temple

Mandher Devi Temple that is famed as “Kalubai temple” in Mandhradevi nearly at the place Wai, District of Satara, Maharashtra, India, situated on a hill about 4,650 feet above sea level and just some 20 km far from Satara. A marvelous plantation is created around the shrine by Devotees features. According to local gumption the temple is so old about 400 years and was founded during the domination of Shivaji’s Maratha. Though, the exact year of the construction of this temple is unknown.

The title of Mandher Devi temple can be found in the name of Kaleshwari Devi and Lord Mandeshwar. The traffic of tourist is not much here, the most of the year. For additional, the primary health centre is near from this temple about just 6 km but the big hospital only at Satara town.

This temple is limited famous among only lower caste Hindus. In every January, Kalubai Jatra pilgrimage is held for the period of 10 days. On the day of full moon, the big festival is held including the main event which is 24 hours long and sacrifices of animal is also given to goddess.

Mandher Devi temple is popular among lower caste Hindus who undertake the annual Kalubai Jatra pilgrimage over a ten day period every January. The main event is a 24-hour-long festival on the day of the full moon that includes animal sacrifices to the goddess. The holy event generally draws between 150,000 and 200,000 Hindu followers. The annual fair is fondly called Kalubai by the faithful, in honour of Kaleshwari Devi.

As this temple is not so famous as other temples but must visit at least once.

Mandhar Devi Temple Photo

Mandhar Devi Temple Scene

Kalubai Mandhar Devi Temple

Mandhar Devi Temple Picture

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