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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Muktidham Temple - Nasik

Muktidham Temple is located on the suburbs of Nasik, Maharastra. A Beautiful temple that is has the marble complex was constructed by late Late Shri JayramBhai Bytco or Mr. J.D. Chauhan-Bytco and handled through his trust privately. This temple considered as a sacred place of Hinduism and is honored with not only one particular God but also the various Hindu Gods-Goddesses.

Muktidham Temple includes all god-goddess of the Hindu pantheon in an abode and glorious enshrine showing the facsimile of Shiva’s 12 Jyotirlingas, India

It is said that the surrounding of Muktidham Temple is full of peace and purity in such a way that it engulfed your soul totally. You may have never seen a temple like this as the temple has covered 18 chapters of Gita by unique architecture which are engraved on wall.

It is true that to visit this shrine is same as to visit “4 Dham” Yatra so this place has become a great holy place where the pilgrims comes in crowd.

The atmosphere of this temple is very peaceful and scenery is extremely beautiful. Devotees prefer to visit Muktidham Temple during the period of a famous fair “Kumbh Mela”.

Muktidham Temple in Nasik City

Muktidham Temple at Visitor

Muktidham Temple Photo

Muktidham Temple Picture

Muktidham Temple Wallpaper

Muktidham Temple Image

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