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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pataleshwar Cave

The Pataleshwar Cave Temple that is also famous as Panchaleshvara or Bamburde, is situated in Pune, Maharastra, India. According to its history, approximately it was carved in 8th century AD in the period of Rashtrakuta. Initially it was located outside the Pune, but the limits of the city have been expanded hat it is now situated on the downtown named Jungli Maharaj Road.

Pataleshwar Temple that is devoted to Lord Shiva has made with basalt rock. Other statues of deity such as Rama, Laxamana and Sita those are so beautiful. On each side in the sanctum, there is about 3-4 meters and a cube-shaped room, houses of a linga moreover the symbol of Shiva. In addition, on each side, there are two cells which are smaller. The Linga of Lord Shiva is anointed with yogurt and ghee.

Nandi mandapa is there in forepart of the cave, is a circular and its canopy in umbrella shaped supported through the square pillars which are so massive. This mandapa that is so magnificent is one of the antique and uncommon structures of Pataleshwar.

At the entrance of Pataleshwar cave temple which is a sight deserve the seeing, it has an alien placement of round stone. The entrance attracts the sharp sense of geometry of the architects.

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Pataleshwar Shivalinga Photo

Pataleshwar Temple Wallpaper

Pune Pataleshwar Cave

Pataleshwar Caves at Visitor

Pataleshwar Area

Pataleshwar Caves photo

Pataleshwar in Pune City

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