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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rameshwar Mandir - Chaul

Rameshwar Mandir is an ancient temple and devoted to Lord Shiva that is also called as Revdanda, situated in Chaul region one of village of Maharashtra, India.

Chaul region is very famous due to numerous temples as near the region of Chaul, maximum temples are there. It is still unknown when it was established but according to history it was renewed some times. Moreover, an enormous pond known as “Pokhran”( in Marathi ) is there in front of the temple.

Rameshwar Mandir has three tanks ("kund" in Marathi) by name "parjnya kund", "agni kund", "wayu kund" that represents three elements of nature soil, fire and air. Over the upper limit, almost 365 temples in Chaul and that digit is equal as the number of days in a year.

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Rameshwar Mandir Photo

Rameshwar Mandir in Chaul

Local Area Rameshwar Temple

Shree Rameshwar Mandir

Rameshwar Temple Photo

Rameshwar Mandir Wallpaper

Rameshwar Mandir Picture

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