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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shree Vigneshwara Temple - Ozar

Shri Vighneshwar temple is located at Ozar close to the town of Junnar and about 10 kms from Junnar and 102 kms far from Pune. It is dedicated to Lord Ganesha the revered as holy place as the demon Vignaasura was slain here.

The main idol is believed to be appeared self means "Swayambhu" as it was found not sculpted by human being. Shri Vighneshwar temple that is very famous for its “Deepmala” and “Golden dome” was constructed in the year 1833.

The splendid Vighneshwar temple is located on the bank of enchanting Kukadi Riverand and one the sacred form of Ashta Vinayaka temples.

It is true that the one who visit this place with full faith, Lord removes all troubles from the life and spread the happiness. Vighneshwar temple is enclosed with long stone wall that works as complex. The most significant thing please to see that there is a statue of mouse made with white marble in running posture. The Lord Ganesh’s eyes shows the real scene of God as it is made of Diamond.

The verdant atmosphere close to the temple makes us feel calm and very godly. It is best time to visit during the Tripuri Purnima- 4 days festival.

Lord Vigneshwara Idol

Shree Vigneshwara Temple Photo

Vigneshwara Temple in Ozar City Scene

Lord Shree Vigneshwara Picture

Shree Vigneshwara Temple at Visitor

God Vigneshwara Photo

Shree Vigneshwara Temple Picture

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