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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chaturbhuj Temple - Gwalior

At Gwalilor, Chaturbhuj Temple is considered as the main attraction. The Temple of Chaturbhuj is located at right opposite side of Raja Mahal.

This temple devoted to Lord Vishnu. The Chatubhuj temple was built by King Madhukar in between 1558 and 1573. The word Chaturbhuj means Char Bhuj-Four Arms. The temple has space inside and prosperity of light.

A small legend has attached with this temples. A small home of Lord Rama was built by Maharani Ganesh Kunwar (wife of Raja Madhukar-Orchha’s ruler). While she was swaying the God to journey from his domicile in Ayodhya to Orchha, Raja Madhukar uttered the wish not to be moved from the place as it had been become his home.

The statue of God Rama had already been installed in Maharani’s private place. But when the Chaturbhuj temple was completely ended, she decided to place this idol at that temple. According to Orchha’s people, that statue didn’t move then King realized that and that shrine become “Chaturbhuj temple”.

Chaturbhuj Temple Photo

Chaturbhuj Temple Wallpaper

Chaturbhuj Temple Picture

Side of Chaturbhuj Temple

Chaturbhuj Temple Image

Chaturbhuj Temple

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