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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Saptakoteshwar Temple - Goa

Saptakotishwar temple located at Narve, Goa, India. In Konkan area, this temple is revered as one of six large sites of temples of God Shiva. This temple is dedicated to God Saptakotishwar that is considered as an incarnation (avtar) of God Shiva.

The Saptakotishwar temple has checkered history. Legend behind this temple is that seven sages prayed for seven crore-“Sapt-seven,Kot-crore” years to Lord Shiva then after God Shiva appeared to him.

Saptakotishwar temple is the only temple which was leftover from the era when Goa was the ruler of Hindu Kings. The original deity of this temple existed in the Island of Divar. Portuguese destroyed this temple but at the present site, Chattrapati Shivaji commanded for the reconstruction of the temple.

At the time of Gokulashtami festival, numerous people gathered here not only from Goa but also from India.

Saptakoteshwar God Photo

Saptakoteshwar Temple in Goa Image

Saptakoteshwar Temple Visitor Photo

Shree Saptakoteshwar Temple

Saptakoteshwar Temple Picture

Saptakoteshwar Temple Image

Saptakoteshwar Temple Wallpaper

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