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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chanderi Fort - Madhya Pradesh

Chanderi fort is a historical place that is situated at Chanderi in Ashoka nagar region, Madhya Pradesh state, India. Chanderi fort is very beautiful place as it is enclosed by forests, lakes and hills therefore it has become the most visiting place for tourists.

The numerous monuments of Malwa sultans and Bundela Rajputs have become the main attractions. Chanderi has the epic value due to having the reference in Mahabharata. During the period of Mahabharata, Shishupal was king there.

On the boundaries of Bundelkhand and Malwa, Chanderi is situated tactically. According to the history of Chanderi it takes us back to the 11th centuary. At that time it was conquered by the trade routes of Central India. It was close to the major route to the olden ports of Gujarat as well as to Mewar, Malwa, Deccan and Central India. Accordingly, Chanderi became a significant military outstation.

Chanderi fort is a gigantic mughal fort which leads the skyline of the attractive old town-Chanderi. The main gate of this Chanderi fort has a strange name as "Khooni Darwaza" as from the battlements above, the bodies of criminals was thrown and smashed cruelly to pieces below.

Chanderi Fort in Madhya Pradesh

Photo of Chanderi fort

Chanderi fort inside Image

Chanderi Fort Visitor Photo

Image of Chanderi Fort

Chanderi Fort Picture

Chanderi Fort Wallpaper

Chanderi Fort image

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