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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sasbahu Temple - Gwalior

Sas bahu temple at Gwalior is joined with two temples, one for Sas(Monther in law) and other for Bahu(Daughter-in law) that is the reason that this temple is called as “Sasbahu temple”. The pillars of the temple are beautifully carved with great architectural skills.

Sasbahu Temple at Gwalior has a magnificent view at the doorways that introduce about the Hindu Trinity-Indian Tridev-The creator God Brahma, The Preserver-God Vishnu and The Destroyer-God Shiva.

On the road, near the temple there is a Gwalior Fort that lies a temple devoted to “Chaturbhuj-the Lord Vishnu in four armed manifestation.

Sasbahu Temple is really very nice place to visit at Gwalior.

Sasbahu Temple Photo

Sasbahu Temple in Picture

Sas Bahu Temple at Gwalior

Sas Temple Photo

Sas Bahu Temple Madhya Pradesh

Bahu Temple Photo

Sasbahu Temple at Visitor Photo

Sas Temple at Gwalior Fort

Bahu Temple at Gwalior Fort

Sasbahu Temple Photo

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